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Body Building – 1985 – Ms Olympia Awards Show – Cory Everson 1st + Mary Roberts 2nd + Di Dennis 3rd

The awards ceremony at the 1985 Ms Olympia Championships competition took place on November 30, 1985, at the Felt Forum in Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York….which was the 6th Ms. Olympia competition ever held…..and was aired on NBC Sportsworld ….and hosted by sportscaster Dorothy Lucey along with body building television analyst Frank Zane. 

The competition came down to three finalists as seen in this video herewith…..wherein Cory Everson won her 2nd Ms Olympia competition of six in a row that she won from 1984 to 1989…..as petite but powerful Mary Roberts came in 2nd…..and Diana Dennis placed 3rd in the competition.

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