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Body Building – 1986 – I F B B Ms Olympia Championships – Featuring Tina Plakinger – From MSG

Tina Plakinger is an autor and form World Champions body builder ….who in the 1980’s was celebrated as an entertainer and trendsetter…..while having received awards for both “Best” and “Most Unique Poser” in the professional ranks of body building.  In addition to competing and guest posing….she privately trained Warren Beatty during the filming of the movie Dick Tracey….and worked as a spokesperson at U S military bases for Joe Weider’s muscle and fitness products…..and her work extended into television and film…..as she starred in Pumping Iron II: The Women….while playing a recurring role in the tv soap opera General Hospital….and had a supporting and stunt role in the 1986 movie Armed and Dangerous.

As an avid and experienced writer….Plakinger freelanced for multiple publications including Muscle & Fitness Magazine and Muscular Development Magazine.….as she also co-authored a monthly column with Dr. Franco Columbu in Flex Magazine….where she featured stories on the whereabout and live of former champion body builders.

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