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Boxing – 1906 To 1985 – Barry Tompkins Narrates History Of Nine lt Heavywt Vs Heavywt Title Fights


This video features HBO Boxing Commentator Barry Tompkins showcasing 9 prior heavyweight title fights between light heavyweight champions who took on heavyweight champions…..which affords the viewer a wonderful piece of boxing history….with highlights and interviews from such historic light heavyweight champs vs heavyweight champs including the 1906 bout between Burnet vs O’Brien…..the 1921 fight between Carpentier vs Dempsey…..the Louis vs Cohn…..Frazier vs Foster et al. 

We at ImaSportsphile just love short pieces of history…..and this video is one of those…..plus it is done so well….as we consider them to be “pure gold” in our treasure chest of boxing memories. It provides so many memories in such a short period of town….as well as a history of each time that a light heavywt champ fought the heavywt champ.    

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