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Boxing – 1954 Highlights – World Heavyweight Championship Fight – Ezzard Charles Vs Rocky Marciano


Ezzard Mack Charles (July 7, 1921 – May 28, 1975) was an American professional boxer and World Heavyweight Champion….who defeated numerous Hall of Fame fighters in three different weight classes. In 1951, Charles fought Jersey Joe Walcott a third time and lost the title by knockout in the seventh round….then Charles lost a controversial decision in their fourth and final bout.  If Charles had won this fight, he would have become the first man in history to regain the heavyweight championship.  Remaining a top contender with wins over Rex Layne, Tommy Harrison and Coley Wallace….Charles knocked out Bob Satterfield in an eliminator bout for the right to challenge Heavyweight Champion Rocky Marciano….with whom he had two stirring battles….which are regarded as ring classics.  In the first bout, held in June 1954….he valiantly took Marciano the distance….while going down on points in a vintage heavyweight bout….as Charles is the only man ever to go the full 15-round distance against Marciano…. when a number of fans and boxing writers felt that Charles deserved the decision.  In their September re-match, Charles landed a severe blow that literally split Marciano’s nose in half….whose corner men were unable to stop the bleeding….as the referee almost halted the contest….until Marciano rallied with an eighth-round knockout.  Ezzard Charles retired with a record of 95 wins, 15 losses and 1 draw.

Rocco Francis Marchegiano (September 1, 1923 – August 31, 1969), best known as Rocky Marciano was an American professional boxer who competed from 1947 to 1955….and held the world heavyweight title from 1952 to 1956….while retiring as the undefeated as champion…..whose six title defenses were against Jersey Joe Walcott, Roland La Starza, Don Cockell, Archie Moore and Ezzard Charles (twice)….as seen in this video herewith.  Rocky was known for his relentless fighting style, formidable punching power, stamina and exceptionally durable chin…..whereby Rocky Marciano has been included by boxing historians in lists of the greatest boxers of all time….being currently ranked by BoxRec as the 12th greatest heavyweight boxer in history….as his knockout-to-win percentage of 87.76% remains one of the highest in heavyweight boxing history. 

Any way you cut the pie…..this video is boxing history…..and is a piece of “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories…..and we at ImaSportsphile are tremendously joyful about having it in our collection.

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