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Boxing – 1964 – Cassius Clay Has A Prediction For His Upcoming Title Fight With Champ Sonny Liston

On that February night in 1964….when Cassius Clay morphed into Muhammad Ali…..who would have ever thought that this brilliant young man would within the next decade…..become the demographically best known….most recognizable…..most revered….and best loved human beings on planet Earth. 

The space and time that Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali covered in less than 15 years from that fight in 1964 is beyond incredible…..and probably what stood out more to we Sportsphiles about Muhammad Ail was his humility and his ability to “turn the other cheek” …..while enduring the pettiest of what mankind can conjure up to incarcerate a person…..refusing to serve in the military….and yet, never saying anything publicly negative about the US Government taking nearly three of his best boxing years away from him.  Muhammad Ali was the kind of man that every father would like his son to grow up like…..a person of true stature.

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