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Boxing – 1964 – Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali Goes Crazy At Heavywt Title Weigh In With Sonny Liston

At age 22….the boxing genius Cassius Clay….precursor to The Greatest Muhammad Ali…. was already a psychological boxing genius before he entered the ring against the one fighter in the world that no one wanted to face…..for this young man figured it all out before he even entered the ring against Sonny Liston…..as Clay knew that there wasn’t a man alive that wants to fight a “crazy man”….especially a bully like The Bear ….who was a really “big bad bully”….and this 22 year old simply acted crazy from the get go….at the news conference announcing the fight….at the weigh-in….as seen in this video herewith….Cassius Clay was simply acting like a crazy man taunting “The Big Bad Bear” …..and Cassius Clay continued to dominate Sonny Liston in the “fight psych” department.

Just watch how off the wall this master of pugilism was….when he was young, strong and really fast for a big man…..for 22 year old Cassius Clay gives a complete lesson in Psych 101 to Sonny Liston and the world…..and the psych lesson that Clay was giving at the weigh in….was only beginning …. as the lesson got so intense….that by the time he discovered his shoulder was hurt…..was about the time that The Bear Sonny Liston…..had been had…..and the ONLY thing that The Bear Sonny Liston could do …..was to get PSYCHED OUT…..especially after Clay hit him with his 1st jab….for it just took 8 rounds for Cassius Clay to take out Sonny Liston.

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