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Boxing – 1964 – Cassius Clay Muhammad Ali Puts On A Show At Announcement Of Upcoming Liston Fight

There has never been…..nor will there ever be again…..an athlete to stand in front of a television camera and control the stage quite like Cassius Clay / Muhammad Ali…..for in so many ways, he truly was The Greatest…..whether he was responding to an interviewers question…..or reciting his poetry to any “gathered crowd”…..or “trash talking” an opponent in the ring or in front of a camera…..or throwing the most punches in the shortest amount of time in the ring…..or pulling of a “rope-a-dope” routine while against the ropes against one of the biggest, baddest punchers in heavyweight boxing history….or taking control of a news conference by putting on a unimaginable show….Cassius Marcellius Clay / Muhammad Ali was simply The Greatest…..as this video seen herewith provides evidence to this fact….in just a mere 42 seconds on video.

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