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Boxing – 1974 – Rumble In The Jungle Ali Vs Foreman – Cornermen Archie Moore + Dr Pacheco Remember


This fight is still probably the most watch live audience of all time….and if not….at least during the 20th Century….as well over a billion viewers worldwide watched this historic fight live from the city of Zaire in the Republic of the Congo on October 1, 1974.  Ali verses Foreman….just think about those two heavyweight champion legends going into a fight that most boxing fans didn’t think Ali had a chance. 

This video exert showcases three men that were in the ring that night….Muhammad Ali’s Trainer Angelo Dundee…..Muhammad Ali’s Ring Dr Ferdie Pacheco…..and George Foreman’s Corner advisor Archie Moore….the infamous Light Heavyweight Champion with 186 career wins….while 131 were by knockout…. who was in Foreman’s corner providing advice…..and these three men share their memories of that night.


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