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Boxing – 1974 – Rumble In The Jungle Revisited – Archie Moore Tells How Ali Applied The Rope A Dope


Legendary light heavyweight champion Archie Moore was in George Foreman’s corner as a fight advisor for the Rumble in the Jungle against Muhammad Ali in 1974….and he joins in a round table discussion with NBC’s Marv Albert, Dr. Ferdie Pacheco and Trainer Angelo Dundee….with the latter two being in Ali’s corner that night….as the foursome in this video presents three boxing experts who were in both corners the night that Muhammad Ali unleashed his famous Rope A Dope on the unsuspecting power of Big George Foreman that night….for an insightful revisit of the events of that historic night in boxing.

This video clearly shows that even 12 years after the historic fight took place….not even three of the guys that were closest to the action could really explain how The Greatest Muhammad Ali actually pulled off the victory….cuz none of them thought he was doing the right thing by hanging out in against the ropes letting Foreman unleash “incredible bombs” of uncontested power….before Ali put Big George down. 

We at ImaSportsphile cherish each and every bit of video footage that we have in and around all things Ali….as we consider them all to be “nuggets of pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories…. but none more valuable than this “decade removed from the fight” discussion of that historic night. 

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