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Boxing – 1974 – The Rumble In The Jungle Ali Vs Foreman – Marv Albert Interviews Angelo Dundee


The Rumble in the Jungle featuring the World Heavyweight Title Fight between Muhammad Ali verses George Foreman was broadcast to a live pay-per-view on closed-circuit television audience…which was also known as theater television to venues across the world. The fight had a record estimated 50 million viewers on closed-circuit television worldwide….while grossing an estimated $100 million (inflation-adjusted $500 million) in revenue.  In the United States, the fight had an estimated 3 million closed-circuit viewers in 400 venues….with tickets sold at $20 (inflation-adjusted $100)….grossing $60 million (inflation-adjusted $300 million) in the United States. The promoters and fighters received over half of the US closed-circuit revenue….generating an income of at least $30 million for the promoters and fighters….while Ali and Foreman were paid $5 million each.  

In total, including closed-circuit and free television, the fight was watched by a record estimated television audience of 1 billion viewers worldwide….which was about a quarter of the world’s 4 billion population in 1974.  It was the world’s most-watched live television broadcast at the time. In the United Kingdom, the fight was watched by 26 million viewers on BBC One….being nearly half of the UK’s 56 million population in 1974. 

This video seen herewith is a NBC in-studio production in remembering The Rumble in the Jungle….as Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco discuss what it was like being in Ali’s corner during the fight with Ali’s trainer, Angelo Dundee…..and Ali’s doctor Ferdie Pacheco…as it provides some awesome insight into Ali’s mind while implementing his now famous “Rope a Dope” tactics by Ali against Foreman.


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