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Boxing – 1978 – 15 Rnd WBC Heavyweight Title Fight – Ken Norton Vs Larry Holmes – With Howard Cosell


Man, when you talk about a televised fight on the highest order…you have got it here!….for within this video is heavyweight boxing legend Larry “The Easton Assasin” Holmes….who during the Golden Age of Boxing 1964 – 1999 became one of ImaSportsphile’s 7 Legends of Boxing in the heavyweight division….to include “Smokin'” Joe Frazier, “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali, “Big” George Foreman, “Iron” Mike Tyson, Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield, Lennox Lewis….and when you add “The Easton Assasin” to the mix…..what an awesome array of boxing talent….and they were all “big boys”….which boils down to the fact that in this video…..you’ve got a legend at the top of his game…. fighting an opponent who went the distance in four fights with two of our legends….Muhammad Ali in fights with 1st – split decision, 2nd – split decision and 3rd -unanimous decision, with a win in the 1st and losses in the 2nd + 3rd….along with one fight with Larry Holmes (click below)….which went 15 rounds of one of the best boxing matches ever fought.  So, Ken Norton was a super great heavyweight in an era when there were lots of super greats and legends….and they all fought each other, many times more than once….whereby, when considering Ken Norton fought the likes of Gerry Cooney, Jimmy Young, Earnie Shavers, Duane Bobick, Jerry Quarry, Muhammad Ali (30), George Foreman, and Larry Holmes…..for that is quite a resume. 

Not only does this fight have Legend vs Super Great….which goes the distance to a split decision in an awesome fight….but in addition to that….ABC Sports broadcasting legend, Howard Cosell, is on the mike….calling the fight with that “New York Jew” inflection of his like no other ever in history….with a voice and style all his own…..as he makes a “classic call” of this fight.  Simply put, three legends of boxing in a legendary fight….what more could a boxing fan ask for!?!


  1. The video you’ve embedded here – why is it not on YouTube? This one on YouTube was from a different channel and doesn’t have Howard Cosell, and that channel couldn’t get any interviews after the fight.

    1. Howdy Adam Cornwell, we thank you for your comment and want you to know that the 5300 videos found posted on our site here at ImaSportsphile are part of a 2300 hour library that was recorded from 1978 to 1991….and we have over 40 different channels on YouTube that we use a “weigh stations” for the videos….so, this particular video is indeed posted on one of those 40 youtube channels. Since we have 5300 currently posted of our 11,000 total videos to post….we suggest that you bookmark our site and stay tuned….cuz we post more everyday.

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