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Boxing – 1978 – Special – 1960 Rome Olympics Boxing – When Muhammad Ali Was Cassius Clay


This one and a half minutes of highlights from the 1960 Rome Olympics boxing competition ….which covers USA light heavyweight boxer, Cassius Clay….is an tremendous piece of footage covering The Greatest Muhammad Ali….when he was 18 years old and still known by his given name of Cassius Clay from Louisville, Kentucky….as this video also provides a wonderful clip of Clay being interviewed prior to the games opening.

Getting to see The Greatest before he knew who he was….is priceless….for he was something very special when he was 18 years old….and you could see greatness in his words, skills and confidence….and yet so young.

There never was any athlete quite like Muhammad Ali….and there never will be again….as we at ImaSportsphile consider him to be the G.O.A.T. athletes in our historic video collection….for we consider this minute and a half with Cassius Clay to be worth its weight in gold….as it provides an unmeasurable value to our collection. 

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