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Boxing – 1980 – 12 Rnd WBC Featherweight Title – Salvador Sanchez Vs Ruben Castillo – Final Round


This final round of the 1980 WBC and Lineal Featherweight Title Fight between Ruben Castillo verses Champ Salvadore Sanchez….provides ample evidence of why Sanchez is considered a boxing legend here at ImaSportsphile….for he was in a close, hard-fought battle with Castillo….and he dominated the 15th round like the greats really do. 

This was Sanchez’ first defense of his title after beating Danny “Little Red” Lopez for the title….a streak which would eventually end after his 14th title defense in less than two years….as a result of a fatal car crash shortly after defeating Azumah Nelson in July of 1982.  From this 1980 fight with Castillo to the 1982 fight with Nelson…. Salvadore Sanchez beat the likes of Danny Red Lopez (2nd time), Patrick Ford, Juan LaPorte, Roberto Castenon, Nicky Perez, Wilfredo Gomez, Pat Cordell and Jorge Garcia….as he fought dang near any body that was anybody by the age of 23….and that is why every piece of vintage video that we have of Salvadore Sanchez is “pure gold” in our treasure chest of vintage memories. 

Simply put, by age 23….Salvadore Sanchez had amassed a professionals career record of 44 wins 1 loss and 1 draw….and had already defeated the “who’s who” of featherweight boxing during his two year reign that ended far too soon.

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