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Boxing – 1980 – Special – Howard Cosell Interviews Larry Holmes + Muhammad Ali Prior To Their Fight


There never was before….and there never has been since….an athlete who brought more to the world than Muhammad Ali….who just happens to be our favorite athlete ever at ImaSportsphile….for not only was Ali beautiful in the ring….he was beautiful in the heart and mind….cuz his message was simple….his message in live was LOVE…so, there is no doubt he was a definitive messenger of GOD. 

There has never been an athlete who had a greater demographic presence than Muhammad Ali….he is hands down the most well known athlete to have ever lived…..but beyond that….Ali brought so much to the world….while always having fun at whatever he was doing ….for the truth is that the world probably needs him more today 2017 than ever…..cuz there is no telling how much positive impact to the crisis between the Islamic world and the Christian world….heck, his influence in the Islamic world might even bring about needed reformations of the religion towards those who are not a believers.     

This video featuring the interview by ABC’s Howard Cosell of Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes prior to their fight on October 2, 1980….is without a doubt….one of the most valued videos in our entire 10,000 vintage videos being posted here at ImaSportsphile….cuz the entire piece showcases three absolute legends of the golden age of  boxing (1964 – 1995)….legendary broadcaster Howard Cosell and legendary heavyweight champions Muhammad Ali and Larry Holmes…. which makes this video MUST SEE TV….on that fact alone.

Larry Holmes, The Easton Assassin, was every bit as good, if not better…..than the other four legendary heavyweight champions from this golden age of boxing….Smokin Joe Frazier, Big George Foreman, Iron Mike Tyson and Evander The Real Deal Holyfield….but none of them were quite as good as Ali….cuz Ali had just a little more of “the IT factor”….just a little more speed….just a little more footwork and movement….just a little more defensive acumen….just a little more mental power….and just a little more cunning and creative….cuz Ali just had a little more of IT. …for you will see IT in this video too.

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