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Boxing – 1981 – 10 Round Middleweight Bout – Bobby Czyz Vs Rick Noggle


This 1981 middleweight boxing match between Bobby Czyz verses Rick Noggle took place on June 6, 1981 at the Sun Dome in Tampa Bay, Florida….which was carried on NBC Sportsworld featuring Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco behind the mikes calling the fight.  Czyz would enter the fight at 14 – 0…. while Noggle came into the ring at 14 – 1…..as Czyz….who was nicknamed The Matinee Idol would go on to win both the light heavyweight world championship….along with the cruiserweight world championship in a career that ended with 44 wins and 8 losses. 

Bobby Czyz was another really good boxer during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995….who had he fought in another era….would probably be remembered much more than he is a being a really outstanding boxer…..but instead is being too soon forgotten in this fast paced world of 2018….as we feel he deserves his place in history…..which makes us overjoyed that we have so many of his fights in our ImaSportsphile boxing library. 

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