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Boxing – 1981 – 15 Rnd Super Featherweight Title – Rolando Navarrette Vs Cornelius Boza Edwards


We at ImaSportsphile consider the years 1964 through 1995 to be the Golden Age of Boxing….cuz during this era….which we have dubbed the TV Era….produced more outstanding boxers than any other era in boxing history….there were literally multiple (like more than a handful) outstanding boxers in dang near every professional boxing weight division in the world back then….as this video herewith provides evidence of our evaluations and opinions.   

Boza-Edwards was a WBC World Super Featherweight Champion….who fought the likes of Bazooka Limon, Bobby Chacon, Alexis Arguello, Hector Camacho, Jose Luis Ramirez and Rocky Lockridge….which we think amou tnts to a couple of legends of boxing in Arguello and Camacho….with the rest being really great boxers. 

This very subject of “those boxers who fought anyone and everyone” and “those boxers who did’t fight everyone and anyone”…and when they did fight “the anyone’s”….it was as those boxers were a bit longer in the tooth at the time they finally fought (not exactly in their prime)….and this subject still rubs me wrong today.   

For the past decade….Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been at the epicenter of my example of this “duck and dodge” subject….for $$$$ Mayweather has been the source of my rub…which is the wrong way creating a full blown rash some years back.  As I post more and more vintage fights like this one….I realize even more….how as one who loves to watch the ring masters of the sweet science of boxing…and being deeply involved in the process of posting these vintage videos like this one….I just  realized that I now have another “legend of boxing” like Mayweather Jr. to add my list of legends who “ducked and darted” throughout their careers and have rubbed me the wrong way….and that is Julio Cesar Chavez….yep, he and Mayweather are already boxing legends…..and they both ducked and darted their way to legendary status….cuz Chavez was 52 – 0 when he entered the ring against Rocky Lockridge….and Rocky took him to decision for 15 rounds….while Boza-Edwards only had a total of 45 wins 7 losses and 1 draw.(53 total fights)…and he fought “anyone and everyone” in the same time frame….so, to us here at ImaSportsphile….it is simple math….and a subject we discuss more and more each time we post another Chavez fight.

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