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Boxing – 1981 – Davey Pearl Interviews Trevor Berbick After Defeating Muhammad Ali + Fight Recap


The Drama in Bahamas was a ten-round boxing match that took place between Muhammad Ali and Trevor Berbick in Nassau, Bahamas on December 11, 1981….when Ali was 39 years old at this time and Berbick was 27 years old. The fight went the distance with Berbick winning through a unanimous decision on points. This was Ali’s last boxing match. The fight took place in the unfinished Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre….where when people arrived to see the fight…..they found they could not get in because the key to the main gate had been misplaced. When the key was found, it was discovered that there were no boxing gloves at the venue….and there was also no bell to signal the end of a round….so, ultimately a hastily procured cowbell had to be used for this purpose. Because of the paucity of paying spectators Berbick refused to fight unless he was paid upfront. The fight started more than two hours behind schedule.

For this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile…..who simply adored Muhammad Ali….this fight was not a fitting end for The Greatest…..as it was not an event worthy of a king…..but rather an ending befitting an exiled holder of the crown….for Ali, like so many legends of sport…..just didn’t know when to hang his gloves up…..and for all of his greatness…..he should have taken Rocky Marciano’s lead. 

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