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Boxing – 1982 – 12 Round WBC Heavyweight Title – Larry Holmes VS Gerry Cooney – HBO In Studio Replay


A common practice by television networks who broadcast live boxing during the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995)…..which happened to happen all the time as evidenced by our 620 world championship fights currently being posted to our Boxing section here at Imasportshile….was to have a follow-up live program that was “in studio”….whereby the participants of a major boxing match that was aired the week before….would meet in a panel discussion with their fight broadcasters who had covered the bout live….and analyze and discuss the fight round by round.

This HBO “in studio” live production replay, analysis and panel discussion regarding the 12 round WBC Heavyweight Championship Title Fight that took place on June 11, 1982 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, NV….includes the participants Larry “The Easton Assissin” Holmes and Gentleman Gerry Cooney…..along with the HBO Boxing broadcast crew of Larry Merchant, Barry Tompkins and Sugar Ray Leonard.

The truth of the matter is that this program is well worth the watch….for it gives the boxing fan an inside look and breakdown of the fight….as seen through the boxers’ eyes and the analysts’ perceptions while calling the fight…..plus, this was a really great heavyweight title fight between a golden age of boxing legend in Larry Holmes….and a great heavyweight boxer….who also “carried the cross” of being The Great White Hope of the heavyweight division….in Gentleman Gerry.

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