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Boxing – 1982 – ABC In Studio PostFight Review – WBC Heavyweight Title – Holmes Vs Cooney – Part 2


After Gentleman Gerry Cooney destroyed Ken Norton before coming into this fight with The Easton Assassin Champ Larry Holmes….the Great White Hope hype had never been higher since the day Rocky Marciano left the ring…..which sheds light on why ABC Sports went to the effort of putting this 40 minute program together….including highlights from the fight…..Howard Cosell’s analysis of the fight….interviews with Holmes and Cooney…..which has become a verys interesting ABC PostFight Show.

There is simply no way that an indepth review of a major heavyweight championship fight between a boxing legend (Holmes) and The Great White Hope (Cooney)…..and when you add the broadcasting legend Howard Cosell conducting intelligent and knowledgeable interviews with the combatants…..that give you MUST SEE TV!!!

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