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Boxing – 1982 – Jr Welterwt Title Fight – Alexis Arguello Vs Aaron Pryor – Fight 1 – Rnds 13 + 14

The Battle of the Champions was the term used by promoter Bob Arum regarding the junior welterweight boxing title fight between Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Argüello on November 12, 1982….. as Arguello had previously won three boxing titles including the Featherweight title….the Junior Lightweight title….and the Lightweight title…..and he hoped to become the first boxer ever to win world titles in four divisions by adding the Jr. Welterweight title.  HBO, had televised two of Arguello’s previous fights….whereas Pryor had no previous telecasts on that network….despite a record of 31 wins and no losses….and with 29 knockouts.

Both fighters had radically opposing public images….as Arguello was suave, sophisticated and extremely humble about his impressive accomplishments….which garnered him great admiration from both the boxing community and the media….whereas Pryor, on the other hand, was fearsome, intimidating and, despite possessing great talent and having been a peer of greats Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns….was the recipient of limited media coverage.

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