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Boxing – 1982 – Larry Merchant Interviews Aaron Pryor After Retaining Title Against Alexis Arguello

Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor simply destroyed one of the greatest featherweight boxers of all time…..when he KO’d Alexis Arguello in the 10th round of their 2nd fight at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas….as it is our opinion here at ImaSportsphile that Aaron Pryor was the greatest Light Welterwt Champion of all time….who has been forgotten by fight fans due to he tremendous losing battle to drugs. 

By the time The Hawk completely self-destructed from his addiction….he was still undefeated in the ring at 36 – 0 with 32 KO’s….while defending his title 10 times during a span of five years from 1980 to 1985….and he was a drug addict….which resulted in the IBF taking his title away for non-activity in defending his crown…..and sad to say, his story is no longer relevant….cuz Aaron Pryor was easily among the best of the best during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995…..as he ended his career with a record of 39 – 1 with 35 KO’s….that’s impressive.

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