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Boxing – 1982 – NBCs Dick Enberg Highlights Light Middleweight Tony Ayala Defeat Of Carlos Herrera

Back in the early 1980’s…..up and coming San Antonio, Tx light heavyweight boxer Tony “El Torito” Ayala used to train at an upstairs boxing gym across from Bone Daddy’s (the original Sportsphile) sports bar on 6th Street in Austin, Tx…..and the young Ayala would come into his bar and request various boxing videos that the two would sit in the Bleacher Section of the famous sports bar….while eating MSG Specials (a double meat, dbl bacon, dbl cheese hamburger) with tater tots covered with cream gravy….and this video seen herewith, brings back the many times that Bone Daddy sat in the bleachers and talked all things boxing with El Torito.  Bone Daddy has always said that he was sitting with a future world champion.

Tony Ayala Jr. (February 13, 1963 – May 12, 2015) was an American professional boxer….who competed in the light middleweight division. He began his professional career in 1980….and by 1982 he had compiled a record of 22 wins and no losses, with 19 knockouts.  Ayala was born to a boxing family, and had two brothers who were boxers also in Mike Ayala and Sammy Ayala.

Tony Ayala is considered to be one of the most promising boxing wasted talents by boxing writers and historians….as his career cut short after he was imprisoned in 1983, at the age of 19. His first shot at the world title never happened due to his personal troubles and later conviction….while his second shot proved unsuccessful….as he was 40 years old and out-of-shape by that time. At age 18, El Torito literally destroyed # 4 ranked light middleweight Carlos Herrera of Argentina…..as seen in these highlights narrated by NBC sportscasting legend Dick Enberg.


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