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Boxing – 1982 – Special – Humor in Boxing & Photo Collage As Billy Joel Sings Everybody Has A Dream


This video was produced by NBC Sports while featuring their boxing telecast broadcast crew of Marv Albert….who is honored for his work as a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame….as he is commonly referred to as “the voice of basketball”….but throughout the Golden Age of Boxing, was also a “significant voice of boxing”…..along with his broadcast partner Dr. Ferdie Pacheco…..The Fight Doctor….who was in the corner of Muhammad Ali for many years. 

Albert and Pacheco narrate this comedic video….as they show the boxing fan a lighter side of boxing by featuring highlights of…..the best boxing monologues….the best odd jobs by fighters….the best fight mom….the best disappearing act….the most low blows…..the strangest training routine….the best fight doctor….the most non-knockdowns….Dr. Pacheco’s best interview….and Marv Albert’s most memorable moment. 

This wonderful video concludes with an awesome boxing photo collage of memorable fighters and moments in the ring…..as Billy Joel sings Everybody’s Got A Dream.…as this video is truly a golden nugget in a boxing library treasure chest.

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