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Boxing – 1983 – 10 Rnd Lightweight Bout – John Montes Vs Hector Camacho – With Tim Ryan + Gil Clancy

Hector Camacho was a young undefeated 19 – 0 super featherweight boxer…..who had champion written all over him…..when he entered the ring on February 12, 1983 at Buckner Fieldhouse inFort Richardson, Alaska to take on a really good club fighter in John Montes Jr ….who was 22 – 1 lightweight boxer when he stepped in the ring with Camacho….with his only loss coming to future world champion Hilmer Kenty…..but that didn’t do him much good when he entered the ring facing future legendary boxing champion Hector Macho Camacho…..as The Macho Man made short work of Montes by proving he wasn’t just “fast hands and quick feet”…..for he also carried a great deal of clout in his punching power….which Montes could attest too, cuz he couldn’t even get out of the 1st round…..as Camacho KO’d him with a powerful left hook at 1:23 of the fight.

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