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Boxing – 1983 – Tim Ryan Interviews Joe Frazier & Son Marvis About Who Is Marvis Really Fighting For

Marvis Frazir is the son of former heavyweight champion and Hall of Fame boxer, Joe Frazier…..as Marvis was at ringside for all of his father’s fights after the second Oscar Bonavena bout in December 1968….which included the great battles with Muhammad Ali.  Marvis had a four round exhibition with his father in Rochester, New York, on December 3, 1976….and staged another exhibition in 1977.  His sister Jackie Frazier-Lyde was also a professional boxer, as was his brother Joe Frazier, Jr. (a.k.a. Hector Frazier)…..when Marvis lived with his family in a 16-room stone split-level home in Whitemarsh, PA…..and was involved in other sports…..but finally gave it all up in favor of boxing….“I played football and basketball and I wrestled, and I love them all, especially football. I was a running back. When I was in ninth grade, Duke and Temple talked to me about going there. But I fell so much in love with boxing. I gave up the other sports. Once I get into a sport. I dedicate myself to it. I don’t believe in concentrating on more than one thing,” 

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