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Boxing – 1984 – 6 Rnd Light Heavyweights – Evander Holyfield VS Lionel Byarm – Holyfield 1st Fight


Throughout my life….I have listened to hundreds….maybe thousands….of Bone Daddy stories….for he is a ranconteur of the highest order….with many being founded during the experiences had while in the process of going to a sporting event.

The stories from his trip to the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics seem to stand out most….ist and foremost because on this trip…in the hot summer of 1984….Bone Daddy along with friends Skypilot and Prince of Pleasure….set an Olympic fan record that can NEVER be broken….tied yes, but NEVER broken….when the Tres Amigos from Texas attended a live event in every sport competed at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics….and as for as this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile opinion….THAT’S AWESOME.

Bone Daddy speaks a great deal of the live boxing that he saw during his Olympic fan world record adventure….which also provides a story from each sport attended (26)…in which he actually Howard Cosell’s attention and talked with him for a couple of minutes….as the ledendary sports braodcaster was covering boxing for ABC Sports….the network of the 1984 Summer Olympics. Long story short….BD saw Evander Holyfield fight live during his Olympic fan record breaking run….so when this video came up….it became MUST SEE TV for me….as this kid in this video bacame a boxing legend during the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995) before his incredible career ended….for he is truly The Real Deal.

This video below was taped on November 15, 1984….and features USA Olympic Boxing Team Members Meldrick Taylor, Virgil Hill, Mark Breland and Evander Holyfield in their first professional bout….which was carried by ABC Sports with legendary broadcasters Al Michaels and Chris Schenkel….in an event that filled to capacity the most famous boxing arena in the world….Madison Square Garden….as Mark Breland came up with the idea to give the tickets away free….and being New York City….combined with boxing at MSG…. with USA Olympic Medalists as the cherry on top….which makes this video a rare gem.

And for me, this video reminds me of how many stories that will appear in our L E’s Stories section about Bone Daddy’s historic run at the 1984 Olympics….but that will come after we finish posting.

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