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Boxing – 1984 – Interview Of Challenger Livingstone Bramble Prior To Mancini WBA Lightwt Title Fight

Ray Boom Boom Mancini and Livingstone Bramble fought two action filled ferocious battles for the WBA Lightweight Title…..which we at ImaSportsphile consider to be “grudge fights”…..with the 1st being on June 1, 1984, in a war that ended up in a 14th round TKO…..while the 2nd took place on February 16, 1985….and it ended in a unanimous decision for Bramble…..but it was still World War II in the ring….for we are absolutely delighted to have both of these “grudge fight” in our boxing library….as each one is well worth the price of admission. 

This Al Bernstein interview of Bramble provides worthy insight into the war that was about to be conducted.


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