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Boxing – 1985 – 15 Rnd IBF Heavywt Title – Spinks Vs Holmes Fight 1 Decision + Post Fight Interviews

Every time that we here at ImaSportsphile see anything having to do with the first Michael Spinks verses Larry Holmes heavyweight title fight…..smoke comes out of our ears, cuz the outcome of this fight really lights a fire in our bellies. 

You see, we live by a standard operating procedure around here being that there are only 3 ways to take a champ’s title in the boxing ring….by KO….by TKO….or by seriously disfiguring the champ’s face….and Michael Spinks did neither…..for all you have to do is look at Larry Holmes’ face at during the post fight interview herewith….cuz that is not disfigurement. 

So, the fight should have been a draw….and Holmes retains his title….while tying the record of the boxing legend known as Rocky Marciano….then, Holmes could have gone on and fought Steffen Tangstad like Spinks did in his 1st defense of his title…. to break the record. 

If there is one thing we have learned here at ImaSportsphile is that some outcomes in the universe of sports were simply not supposed to happen…..and the reality of Larry Holmes keeping his title….was simply one of those things.  

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