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Boxing – 1985 – 15 Rnd Wrld Middlewt Title – Thomas Hearns Vs Marvin Hagler – Best 3 Rnds In Boxing

During the mid-1980’s, ESPN began airing outstanding boxing matches through the history of the sports under the marquee heading of SuperBouts ….and one of their hand picked title fights was the April 15, 1985 undisputed world Middleweight championship between Thomas Hitman Hearns verses Marvelous Marvin Hagler. 

This video brings back very special memories for us at ImaSportsphile….as our Bone Daddy, the original Sportsphile…..was at this fight live in Las Vegas at Caesers Palace.on tax deadline day (April 15) in 1986….when thanks to a last minute “change of heart”….Bone Daddy shifted from believing Hearns could win….and decided to “bet the ranch” on the Marvelous One….which made him a winner of enough to not only pay for the trip….but also to pay his 1985 income taxes. 

Our Bone Daddy has attended a thousand or so live sporting events throughout his life…..having seen multiple game 7’s in the world series and the nba finals…..along with last second shots in the NCAAM finals….and having seen Carl Lewis win four gold medals in the Olympics….plus Al Oerter’s winning toss for his 4th consecutive Olympic gold medal in the shot put….in addition to so many more incredibly exciting moments in sports that he has seen live throughout his 60 year career as a Sportsphile….and he says that NOTHING compared to the 8 minutes of intense excitement of being “live and in color” when Hitman took on Mr. Marvelous on tax day in 1986. 

If you check out our Memorabilia Section here at ImaSportsphile….you will find many pieces of collectibles from this historic fight that you might enjoy seeing.

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