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Boxing – 1985 – HBO Boxing Special Feature – The Making Of Michael Spinks Body Into A Heavyweight

The transition of a light heavyweight boxer into a heavyweight boxer has historically been a difficult task to accomplish successfully….and this is especially true when transforming a light heavyweight champion into a heavyweight champion…..with the most successful transition being the transformation of Evander Holyfield….albeit was Michael Spinks who was the 1st light heavyweight champion to successfully  become a heavyweight champion…..something that we here at ImaSportsphile believe should have never happen….for it is our accredited Sportsphile opinion that the only way a challenger takes the crown from a reigning champ is by KO, TKO or seriously disfiguring the champ’s fame…..and Spinks did neither of those things….so, he should never have been a heavyweight champion after taking the title from Larry Holmes….cuz he didn’t do that….but this video is about how Spinks transformed his body and fighting style in order to move up from light heavyweight to heavyweight….which makes this video a rare piece of boxing history…..as the viewer gets an inside look at his transformation from the inside out.  

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