Boxing – 1985 – PreFight Show – 12 Rnd Cruiserweight Title Fight – Alfonzo Ratliff Vs Carlos De Leon


This video features the Don King Sports Networks’ prefight show for his promotion of D-Day Dynamite….which was a double world championship boxing card between light heavyweight champion Michael Spinks verses Jim MacDonald….and cruiserweight champion Carlos de Leon verses Alfonzo Ratliff…..on June 6, 1985 in tribute to the Marines landing on Normandy Beach on June 6, 1944….as actor Sheman Hemsley welcomes the public to the show…..with DKSN boxing analyst Don Chevrier….along with color commentators Trainer Angelo Dundee and former world welterweight champion Carlos Palomino behind the mike for the event. 

The promoter Don King was then and still is today, a very proud and patriotic American…..who truly believes that only in America could he be the successful boxing promoter than he became…, for this event, he brought in 2000 Marines and the Marine Corp Drum and Bugle Corp to perform the National Anthem and provide rousing patriotic music for this event…..which we highlight in another video in our boxing section.


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