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Boxing – 1985 – Special – An Inside Look At Larry Holmes The Easton Assassin + His Empire In Easton


Larry Holmes is a retired American boxer who has a net worth of $18 million dollars. Larry Holmes was born in November of 1949 in Easton, Pennsylvania….which also worked to provide his boxing nickname, The Easton Assassin. Throughout his career, Holmes became known for his incredible rate of success, landing him as one of the most accomplished boxers in heavyweight history. From 1978 until 1983 he was the WBC Heavyweight Champion….and the Ring Heavyweight Champion from 1980 until 1985….as well as the IBF Heavyweight Champion from 1983 until 1985. With his 20 winning boxing title defenses, he is the second most-winning athlete within the sport, coming behind Joe Louis who had 25. For his efforts, Holmes was named into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2008.

After retiring, Holmes moved back to his hometown of Easton where he has since settled down. He has also taken on various business ventures with his earnings from his boxing career. He has since hired more than 200 workers through these companies and holdings, which have included an office complex, restaurants, a nightclub, slot machines, and more. He also works as a co-host for the TV talk show called What the Heck Were They Thinking?  

Larry Holmes is boxing royalty here at ImaSportsphile…..as we consider him to be one of 7 heavyweight champions during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995 whom we consider him to be a legend of boxing along with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis during this incredible era of boxing….which makes each and every video in our boxing library just more “nuggets of gold” in our treasure chest of memories.

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