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Boxing – 1985 – WBC Super Featherweight Title – Julio Cesar Chavez VS Dwight Pratchett – Rnds 4 – 12


I have said this often….and I use this video to serve as evidence to my opinion that although Julio Cezar Chavez is considered on many boxing pundits lists of greatest of all time….I think he was a really great boxer who didn’t fight enough really great boxers during his time in the ring to be on our list of the greatest boxers of all time…..for he like Floyd Mayweather, Jr. both fall into that category with me….for our ImaSportsphile boxing legends fought anybody and everybody on their path to legendary status.  Both Chavez and Mayweather avoided too many great ones when they were young….only to fight just some of them after they were way past their prime….or never fighting them at all. 

Julio Cezar Chavez was 52 – 0 before he fought his first really good fighter in Rocky Lockridge…..and Mayweather was 38 – 0 before he entered the ring against Oscar de la Hoya….who was really good but not great. 

We challenge any of our viewers to provide evidence of any other boxing legend of the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995) that dodged and darted other legends of their era by the time they had entered the ring 52 times like Chavez did….so here Chavez is in this fight with Dwight Pratchett….which was a good fight that went the distance….as Julio Cezar Chavez entered the right with a record of 48 – 0…..against a club fighter who ended his career with a 16 – 9 record….and the chump went the distance with a boxer considered one of the best of all time!?!  ENJOY anyway!!

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