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Boxing – 1986 – 12 Rnd WBC Super Featherweight Title Fight – Julio Cesar Chavez Vs Rocky Lockridge


On August 3, 1986, Chavez won a twelve-round majority decision over former WBA and future IBF Super Featherweight champion Rocky Lockridge in Monte Carlo, Monaco….who happened to be the 53rd fighter that the Mexican boxing legend had entered the ring against….and the 1st boxer of any substance that Chavez had fought up to that point….and this is why we at ImaSportsphile believe that Salvador Sanchez was the best Mexican boxer of the golden age of boxing (1964 – 1995).   

Rocky Lockridge was a really good, almost great, boxer….much in the vein of Livingstone Bramble, Milt McCrory, Greg Haugen, Bobby Czyz et al….who probably would have been more highly regarded and remembered had he fought during any other era of boxing than the golden age…..when dang near every weight division had a least one boxing legend and a couple of great boxers….but fighters like Lockridge have been too soon forgotten….cuz the legends grabbed all of the spotlight.   

Julio Cesar Chavez, on the other hand….carries the moniker of being a boxing legend for his incredible career of 107 wins 6 losses and 2 draws….having been a world champion in three different weight divisions….Super Featherweight, Lightweight and Light Welterweight….but along the way….he sure avoided the rest of the legends in and around his weight divisions like Duran, Arguello and Benetiz,…and when he did face off with a legend like Whitaker and Camacho….it was after they had passed their prime.

However, any way you cut the pie….Julio Cesar Chavez and Rocky Lockridge put on a great fight that is well worth watching….as Chavez won a closely contested majority decision.

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