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Boxing – 1986 – Barry Tompkins Look At Hector Camacho Training Camp With Trainer Chuck Talihanini

This HBO Boxing special with host Barry Tompkins  provides an inside look at the training camp of boxing legend Hector Macho Camacho prior to an upcoming title fight….which gives our viewers some insight into the training that a professional boxer goes through during preparation for a fight….and is really quite interesting. 

As we have commented on many occasions….we at ImaSportsphile consider the years from 1964 to 1995 to be what we refer to as The Golden Age of Boxing…..a period that showcased more Legends of Boxing than during all the other years of prize fighting combined….and Hector Camacho was truly one of those legends…..who had a flair and cockiness….along with speed of foot and hands of an Ali….who ended a 4 time world champion career with a record of 79 wins 6 losses and 3 draw career after beginning his pro career in 1980 and ending his career in 2010.  This man was something special….and we here at ImaSportsphile are overjoyed to have so many of his videos in our boxing section.


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