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Boxing 1986 CBS Sports Special John Maddens Journey How Marvin Hagler Became Marvelous


Like the TV commercial says….”It doesn’t get any better than this”….any time you get the incomparable John Madden teamed up with the marvelous one, Marvin Hagler…..it simply does not get any better than this…..as Madden focuses his entire John Madden’s Journey special on how boxing legend Marvin Hagler got his nickname Marvelous…..for any and all boxing fans will want to watch this delightful piece. 

Any way you cut the pie, the persona of John Madden became bigger than life….almost a big as a Paul Bunyun or a Mighty Casey At the Bat….and dang near everything he did was simply something very special….he had that magic about him…..so, when he combined his persona with the story behind Marvin Hagler and how he became Marvelous….well, it simply becomes another piece of “pure gold” in our treasure chest of memories here at ImaSportsphile….so ENJOY!!! 

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