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Boxing – 1986 – HBO PreFight Special – 10 Round Heavyweights – Iron Mike Tyson Vs Jose Ribalta


In this 24 minute HBO pre-fight video for the 1986 telecast of the 10-round heavyweight fight between Iron Mike Tyson verses Jose Ribalta….the viewer is fortunate to have HBO Boxing commentary team of Barry Tompkins, Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Merchant….who provide great highlights, interviews, personal profiles and expert analysis of the impending bout between these two heavyweight. 

This fight took place on August 17, 1986 at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey…as Iron Mike Tyson entered the ring with a 26 – 0 record….while having KO’d or TKO’d 23 of his 26 previous opponents. 

This PreFight Show on HBO features highlights of Tyson’s 26 previous victories….followed by a wonderful boxer profile of Jose Ribalta…..then expert analysis by Tompkins, Leonard and Merchant….who always added that professional touch to a telecast by always being in formal attire. 

Throughout the entire Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995….live boxing telecasts were carried by every network of any significance on cable television…..ABC, CBS, NBC, TBS, USA, MSG, ESPN et al…. cuz boxing attracted some of the greatest athletes in the world during the Golden Age…..which provided the sports networks in America to have lots of outstanding fights to produce in dang near every weight class….and when TV carried a live boxing match between great fighters…..there was lots of money involved….especially when a fight was in Prime Time….so, the bigger the fight….the bigger the money involved….which attracted ever more great athletes…..who became boxers.

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