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Boxing – 1986 – HBO PreFight Special – 10 Round Heavyweights – Iron Mike Tyson VS Jose Ribalta


If a sports fan is looking for some great highlight footage of Iron Mike Tyson….this video herewith produced by HBO Boxing and the awesome fight broadcast crew of Barry Tompkins, Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Merchant….provides some of the best lhighlight clips of Tyson when he was young and coming up the heavyweight ranks….for he was truly awesome and powerful….a true gladiator in the ring.  

During the golden age of boxing from 1964 to 1995….HBO Boxing produced some of the very best productions of important bouts and championship fights throughout the entire golden era….as their Pre-Fight and Post-Fight productions were every bit as detailed and distinctive as any that were ever produced….and always remain a worthy of re-watching many times over….and this one covering the time leading up to this wonderful 10-round heavyweight bout is no exception….for both stories of how Tyson and Ribalta evolved into this match is well worth the watch. 

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