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Boxing – 1986 – HBOs Barry Tompkins Introduction To Heavyweight Bout With Mitch Green Vs Mike Tyson


In this video herewith….HBO’s Barry Tompkins provides the introduction for the 10 round heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden between two legends of boxing in and around New York City in the mid-1980’s which featured Iron Mike Tyson verses Mitch Blood Green  .

Barry David Tompkins (born May 2, 1940) is an American sportscaster…who is best known for his work as a boxing commentator for HBO….as Tompkins came into national prominence alongside Larry Merchant and Sugar Ray Leonard as a member of the HBO Boxing show’s team. He called fights at HBO for many years….and some of his commentaries became famous….such as his call when Alexis Argüello was hurt by Aaron Pryor in round fourteen of their Battle of the Champions….saying “Arguello…oh! Arguello is hurt!!”….when Héctor Camacho was buckled by Edwin Rosario in round five of their fight saying “Camacho had never been hurt before!”….and when Mike Tyson won the WBC world Heavyweight title with a second-round knockout of Trevor Berbick….saying “And we have a new era in boxing….which as a matter of fact….we have each of those fights in our ImaSportsphile library.  In 1992, Barry Tompkins won the Sam Taub Award for excellence in boxing broadcasting journalism.

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