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Boxing – 1986 – HBOs Barry Tompkins Profiles The Boxing Career of Cornelius Boza Edwards

Cornelius Boza Edwards (born 27 May 1956) is the former WBC Super Featherweight Champion of the World. Boza Edwards was a Ugandan, and fought in both the Super Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. Edwards emigrated from Uganda to England, where he lived for a long period. 

Edwards won the WBC world Jr. Lightweight title from “Bazooka” Limón with a fifteen-round decision in 1981 at Stockton, California….which was after Limón, a Mexican, had made his infamous “You know what happens to British boxers when they face Mexicans” comment, in a reference to the fight between Lupe Pintor and Johnny Owen, after which Owen died.  

Edwards defeated Bobby Chacon by technical knockout in the fourteenth round in his first defense….but then he lost the title to Rolando Navarrete, by knockout in the 5th round. He also fought and lost to other world champions such as his rematch with Alexis Argüello by knockout in eight….Héctor Camacho by decision in twelve….Rocky Lockridge, by decision in ten….and José Luis Ramírez by knockout in five….as Boza Edwards was a really good and almost great boxer during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995….while ending a career that spanned from 1980 to 1989….in which he amassed a career record of 45 wins with 34 KO’s and 7 losses.


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