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Boxing – 1986 – HBOs Tompkins + Leonard + Merchant PreFight Comments On Camacho Vs Boza Edwards


Cornelius Boza Edwards (born 27 May 1956) is the former WBC Super Featherweight Champion of the World….who fought in both the Super Featherweight and Lightweight divisions. Edwards was born in Uganda and emigrated to England….where he lived for a long period. He currently lives in the United States, where he trains other boxers. Boza-Edwards won the WBC world Jr. Lightweight title from “Bazooka” Limón with a fifteen-round decision in 1981 at Stockton, California….which was after Limón, a Mexican, had made his infamous “You know what happens to British boxers when they face Mexicans” comment….in a reference to the fight between Lupe Pintor and Johnny Owen, after which Owen died.

Héctor Luís Camacho Matías (May 24, 1962 – November 24, 2012), commonly known by his nickname Macho Camacho….was a Puerto Rican professional boxer and entertainer….who was known for his quickness in the ring and flamboyant style,  Camacho competed professionally from 1980 to 2010….while becoming a three-weight world champion…..in which he held the WBC super featherweight title from 1983 to 1984….the WBC lightweight title from 1985 to 1987….and the WBO junior welterweight  title twice between 1989 and 1992.  Macho retained his title against Cornelius Boza Edwards, a former world junior lightweight champion, in Miami in a unanimous decision….after dropping Edwards in the first round.

During his professional career, Camacho had many notable fights against some of the biggest names in boxing….after defeating Roberto Durán twice late in Duran’s career….and knocking out Sugar Ray Leonard to send him into permanent retirement.  He also fought Julio César Chávez, Félix Trinidad, and Oscar De La Hoya, among others…..and for these reasons….we at ImaSportsphile consider Hector Macho Camacho to be a legend of boxing during The Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 to 1995….and are totally happy to have so many great videos showing this awesome athletes talents in our library of vintage memories.

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