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Boxing – 1986 – HBOs Tompkins + Leonard + Merchant Provide Judges Review Of 1st Spinks Vs Holmes

This video simply “puts a burr in our ass” here at ImaSportsphile…..because it highlights one of the great “shams” of boxing history…..as the unanimous decision in favor of Spinks….could just as easily and more correctly gone the other way…..had Holmes not been fighting to tie the immortal Rocky Marciano.  Yeah, Spinks probably out-boxed the champ by a slight margin…..but he did not take the title away from Holmes…..cuz you see….around here, we are of the opinion that there is only three ways for any challenger to take the title from the reigning champion…..by KO…..by TKO….or by seriously disfiguring the champ……and Spinks did neither…..evidenced by the post fight interview of Holmes in his dressing room…..where Spinks hardly left a mark on the Champ after obviously out-boxing him…..which still is a far cry from disfigurement. 

Larry Holmes got robbed….in a sport that has a long history of “fixed fights” and “robbery decisions”….and this entire video pretty dang near proves our point.  Heck, even opinionated Larry Merchant’s comments support our opinions.  So, any way you cut the pie….even though this video is interesting to watch….it still “puts a burr in our ass” around here.

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