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Boxing – 1986 – IBF Heavyweight Title Fight – Larry Holmes Vs Michael Spinks – Fight II


As with the first time The Easton Assassin Holmes and Jinx Spinks got in the ring….some 7 months before this fight took place….we at ImaSportsphile felt that Holmes got absolutely robbed of his title….and in this April 19, 1986 second fight at the Las Vegas Hilton….Holmes fought better than in the 1st fight before he got robbed again. 

Here at ImaSportsphile, we live by the belief that ANY challenger in ANY world championship title fight must “take the title from the champ by KO, TKO or bloody, puffy face of champ verses clean pretty face of challenger”….and Spinks didn’t do that in either of these fights….so, we stand by our belief that at the end of this fight herewith…..Larry Holmes should have been 50 – 0….and having broken Rocky Marciano’s record of 49 – 0….with which he would have been tied, had he not been robbed the in their 1st fight.

When you finish watching this fight….we want to know….do you feel Spinks clearly KO’d, TKO’d or discolored and disfigured Holmes face….and did he clearly out box Holmes….and if not….go back in our boxing section and watch fight # 1….and answer the same question….and then let me know if you agree that Holmes should have still been Champ!?!

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