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Boxing – 1986 – Larry Merchant PostFight Interview With Mike Tyson After Defeating Mitch Blood Green


This 10 round heavyweight bout between Mitch Blood Greem verses Iron Mike Tyson was billed as essentially a “New York turf war” between the two rival heavyweight boxing powerhouses from The Big Apple….and although Blood made it through 10 rounds with Iron Mike….it was only because for most of the fight…..Blood ran in the opposite direction of “turf war”…..and contact with Iron Mike for that matter. 

You can tell by what Tyson had to say in this interview…..and how he  had to say it ..as seen in this interview herewith with HBO’s Larry Merchant….that he too was of the opinion that Blood did not show up to defend his turf.   

I love this interview with Mike Tyson…..especially when Larry Merchant asked Tyson about when he leaned over and kissed his trainer, Kevin Rooney…..while admitting it was something he had never seen before in his years around boxing.

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