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Boxing – 1986 – Mike Tyson + Jim Lampley + Al Wallau Review Heavywt Title Fight Tyson Vs Berbick

This ABC in-studio session with sportscaster Jim Lampley, boxing analyst Alex Wallau and world heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson conducting a “roundtable” discussion of his recent WBC title fight with Trevor Berbick….which provides a wonderful perspective of what was  going on inside Tyson’s mind….he was focused and prepared to be the youngest heavyweight champion ever….and Cus D’Amato was the reason.  Just listen to how Tyson speaks of his mistakes in the fight….and how he would have gone to his room when he got home after winning the title…..as he would have gone to his room, cuz he didn’t want to hear Cus’ assessment of the fight and mistakes that he made. 

It is our contention here at ImaSportsphile that had Cus D’Amato lived another 10 years….Mike Tyson might have surpassed them all….Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis….but the way life played out this great champion’s career….he didn’t have Cuz around to give guidance in financial and personal matters….as he had no mentor to replace Cus D’Amato. 

This video is priceless for various reasons….one, it is more Mike Tyson footage….two, it provides a different perspective to Iron Mike than what has been perceived of him over the years….and three, it highlights how much this legendary champion lost when Cus died.

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