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Boxing – 1986 – Post Fight Interviews – Heavyweight Title – Michael Spinks VS Larry Holmes – Rematch


It has been my contention for quite some time that the best post-fight boxing interviews during the golden age of boxing were conducted by HBO Boxing’s broadcast crew of Barry Tompkins, Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Merchant…..with the latter being the one who was in the ring right after the fight to get the fighters’ immediate opinions of the fight…..as Larry was always known as the guy to ask the tough questions.  

This April 19, 1986 rematch between Michael Spinks vs Larry Holmes for the IBF Heavyweight Title provided an even bigger sham…..in many boxing experts’ opinion still today….than was the decision from their 1st fight just 7 months before of September 21, 1985….leading Larry Holmes to say in his post fight interview with Merchant that “since this fight was on HBO….all those involved in this decision….can kiss my black ass where the sun don’t shine.”….and that folks is GREAT COPY….no matter how you cut the pie.  

After posting hundreds of vintage videos in our boxing section here at Ima Sportsphile….this lil ole chiweenie Sportsphile can honestly say…..Spinks not only didn’t win this rematch as discoussed in the post fight interviews….but he didn’t win the oriiginal fight either…..for I have said this many times before….and I will say it again….you don’t win a world championship as a challenger unless you unquestionably take the title from the Champ by KO, TKO or manking a the reigning title holder a bloody mess.  You simply do not win by spilt decidion…..and if you do…..the sham was in place.

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