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Boxing – 1986 – Special – HBO PreFight – IBF Heavyweight Title – Spinks Vs Holmes – Fight 2


This 1986 rematch of the IBF Heavyweight Championship Title Fight between Michael Spinx Jinx Spinks verses Larry The Easton Assassin Holmes should never have taken place…..cuz Spinks did not deserve to win the title from Homes in their first fight in September of 1985….cuz there were many more “powers that be” in boxing who did not want to see Holmes tie Rocky Marciano with a 49 – 0 heavyweight record….as Holmes definitely felt he had been robbed….and so did many others who feel that no reigning champion….especially the heavyweight champion….should ever lose their title by anything other than by KO, TKO or a serious “butt whipping”….and Spinks did not do that to Holmes in their first fight. 

This HBO PreFight Show with Barry Tompkins, Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Merchant sorta agreed with those of us at ImaSportsphile….who believe this fight should have never happened also….as seen in their analysis of the 1st fight….and their assertions for the 2nd fight….however, this is still a very interesting 18 minute build-up to the 2nd fight….and is well worth watching by any and all boxing fans. 

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