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Boxing – 1986 – Special – HBO PreFight – IBF Heavyweight Title – Spinks VS Holmes Fight 2


The fight was billed as “Vindication in Vegas”….as Larry Holmes was a 7.5 to 5 betting favorite going into the fight….wherein Spinks’ purse was $2 million and Holmes’ was $1.125 million….and tickets were priced at $500, $300, $200, $100 and $50.  There was a crowd of 8,328….as the fight was televised live on HBO…. with Barry Tompkins, Sugar Ray Leonard and Larry Merchant bringing the fight in their usual professional and enjoyable fashion.

“The last time, I worked on becoming a heavyweight,”….as Spinks commented before the fight….“but for this fight, I started as a heavyweight and just worked on improving what beat Larry the last time”….as Holmes commented….“the judges must have been drunk” when they scored his first fight with Spinks winning by a close unanimous.  

As ring announcer Chuck Hull read off the scorecards after the fight….Holmes turned to his trainer Richie Giachetti and moaned “Oh no, I’ve got a big mouth.” which led him to say after the fight….“The judges, referees and promoters can kiss me where the sun don’t shine—and because we’re on HBO, that’s my big black behind.”….which has become a favorite quote around Ima Sportsphile.  

In the final talley on the fight….Spinks landed 296 of 680 punches (43%)….while Holmes connected on 293 of 724 (40%)….which gives some evidence to support that the judges got this decision correct…..but regardless…..this is a prefight program that is well worth the view.


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