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Boxing – 1986 – Special NBC Up-Feed – Super Featherwt Title – Rocky Lockridge Vs Julio Cezar Chavez

When using the vernacular of television network programming….an “up-feed” refers to the signal originated by a television network at the source of the event (ie: mlb game, nfl game, boxing match etc.)….which is then “up-fed” to the source that inserts the tv commercials and public services messages….then the program feed goes into the “down-feed”….which is then broadcast live over the airways of the originating network of the program.   

This video seen herewith provides a perfect example of NBC’s “up-feed” for the 15 round WBA world Super Featherweight championship fight between Rocky Lockridge verses Julio Cezar Chavez in 1986….as there is no “microphone voice feed” for NBC’s fight commentators Marv Albert and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco…..albeit, you can hear the voices of Lockridge’s trainer Lou Duva saying “let’s go….let’s go get this championship”…..then you hear the music playing in the background as the Lockridge fight team moves into the arena….which is followed by hearing Albert ask “when do we go on”…..and “what happened to the National Anthem”.  That is when you hear them enter the arena….followed by the Star Spangled Banner…..when you hear Albert + Pacheco talk about “what anthem is that one….Monaco’s”….which leads to the transition from “up-feed” to “down-feed”….when we hear Marv Albert come in with the live “down-feed” as Albert says….“Welcome to Monoco”.  

It is very rare to ever have an ‘up-feed” on live television….because it only happens when there is a mistake make in the technical studio for the program….and we are delighted here at ImaSportsphile to have this rare footage…which allows us insight the broadcast booth before the sports commentators man their live feed microphones.


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