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Boxing – 1987 – 15 Round IBF Light Heavyweight Title – Bobby Czyz Vs Willie Edwards


This February 21, 1987 IBF Light Heavyweight Title Fight took place at Trump Plaza Hotel…between two dang good light heavyweight boxers during the Golden Age of Boxing from 1964 – 1999….for within our 1000 vintage boxing videos that we are processing and posting herewith….the significant majority of the videos cover the boxers during this period of pure boxing gold….in almost any weight division….and when it comes to light heavyweight….Bobby Czyz is on our “Great Light Heavyweights” list….as our boxing lists includes Legends….Super Greats….Greats….and Really Good….and Czyz was Great….for everybody loved a good Bobby Czyz fight….for he was exciting at 175 lbs….cuz in many of his fights…..he looked like he was going out….as this Edwards fight gives significant value to that statement…as Edwards knocks Czyz down in round 1….but Bobby came back to park Edwards hardcore in round 2. Bone Daddy has always said that a Bobby Czyz fight would ALWAYS be a good draw at the bar, Madison Square Garden, The Sports Place at 302 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX….even on a Saturday afternoon, 100 or so Bobby Czyz fans would show up and watch the big screen (10 ft. diagonal)….and sit in the bleacher section on the hard sets….just like the old wooden bleacher sections at the stadiums of the day….and they would drink cold draft Budweiser and yell for Czuz…. just like they were “live and in color” ringside at the fight   

Bobby Czuz’ opponent in this fight, Willie Edwards was no slouch himself……having held the NABF Light Heavyweight Title on several occasions….and he proved he was no wuss in this fight…as both boxers looked in-shape….and this was an IBC World Championship Title Fight between 29 – 1 Bobby Czyz verses 22 – 2 Willie Edwards.

Edwards decked Czyz into the ropes in round 1….and looked in charge….but then round 2 came….and Czyz came back….like he seemed to always do….and decked Edwards on his face with a wicked right hand to end matters….which makes this fight well worth the watch.

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